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2024-2025 CFS Bursary

Chelsea Forest School (CFS) is a registered charity serving families in Chelsea and surrounding areas. Fundraising efforts allow CFS to keep tuition fees accessible to the majority of our community, but these fees remain too high for some families. With this in mind, CFS has established a Bursary Program to subsidize tuition fees for lower- income families who may not otherwise be able to join our school. Please note that as our budget is limited, we may not be able to respond favorably to all requests for assistance received in a given year.


  • The Bursary Program is open to families currently enrolled in CFS, as well as those looking to enroll in the school.

  • Families need not reside in Chelsea to apply for a bursary.

  •  Families may apply to receive a bursary for more than one child.

  •  Receipt of a bursary one year does not guarantee funding for the following year.
    Families will need to re-apply for the program at each registration period.


  • To be considered for a bursary, families’ total income should be at or below the Low-Income Thresholds used by the Government of Canada (GoC) to determine eligibility for its student grants program. 

    • nb.: Total income should reflect all sources of income, as reported on tax returns. This could include wages; employment insurance, disability insurance, social assistance, and other government benefits; child or spousal support; etc. If a child resides in more than one household (in the case of shared custody, for instance), the income of both households will be taken into account. 


For the 2024-25 academic year, these thresholds are as follows:

Family Size
(number of people)







Maximum Gross Income
Eligibility (Annual)







Application Process

  • Applications for full-year bursaries should be submitted as part of the registration
    process for each new school year. Applications for temporary assistance may be
    submitted at any time during the course of the school year.


  •  Families wishing to apply for a bursary should complete an application form.
    Successful applicants will be asked to provide supporting documentation regarding the family’s financial situation.

  • Families selected for a bursary will be required to provide a copy of their latest tax return to support statements made on their application, before a formal bursary offer is made. This should include all sources of income (e.g., wages, child support, alimony, employment insurance, social assistance, other government benefits, and any other source of income.) If a child is living in a shared custody arrangement, both parents must report family income and household size for their respective households.

    Application forms will be available online here , or may be obtained by contacting the school.


Evaluation of Applications and Allocation of Bursaries

• The school’s Financial Assistance Committee (FAC)  will assess and rank applications
received according to financial need. (Committee made up of a small selection of non-parent board members, with 1 person removing the names of applicants before review.)

• The value of a bursary offer will vary according to the needs of each qualifying family.
Some families may require a full bursary for their child, while others may need more
modest assistance. Assistance may be provided for the duration of the school year, or
on a temporary basis, depending on the needs of each family.

• Following final approval by the school’s Executive Committee, the FAC will
communicate with all applicants to let them know whether a bursary will be available
for their child, and if so, the amount being offered.

• All families receiving a bursary will be expected to meet the other membership
requirements of the co-op, such as participation in duty days and fundraising events.​

Protection of Privacy
• Bursary applications will be kept strictly confidential, and measures taken to protect
the identity of applicants.


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