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What Makes Our Co-op School Unique?

Chelsea Forest School is not just a school, we're a community! Founded on co-operative principles, our school thrives through the active involvement and dedication of parent members. Each parent, as a co-op member, plays a vital role in our school's success and decision-making processes.

Your Role in Our Co-op:

  • Participation in Governance: Attend and vote at the Annual General Meeting and other general meetings.

  • Direct Involvement: Engage in duty days, helping in the classroom on a rotational basis.

  • Supporting Events: Assist in planning, organizing, and participating in fundraising events.

  • Promoting Our School: Contribute to the school's promotion within the community.

Governance and Transparency:

Our parent-led Board of Directors, including the teaching director, meets regularly to steer the school's course. All parents are welcome to attend these meetings, with minutes and important updates shared on our website and via email.

What Does a Co-op School Offer?

  • Reduced Costs & High Standards: Managed by parents and funded through fees, donations, and fundraisers.

  • Family Involvement: Parents actively participate in their child's early education and connect with other community members.

  • Benefits for Children and Families:

    • Children learn social skills, routine, and enjoy having their parents involved.

    • Families gain insights into child development and build community connections.

    • Smooth integration of children into the elementary school system.

Through co-operative effort, our school not only educates but also builds a supportive and engaged community.

CFS Board of Directors

The Board of Directors at Chelsea Forest School is made up of dedicated volunteer parents, grandparents, and community members. Given the nature of our school, board membership often changes as students move on, offering fresh opportunities for new parents and guardians to step in. It's an integral part of our community that every parent or guardian actively participates in one of the school's various committees.

Despite the frequent introduction of new members, our past and present executive committees have successfully maintained a balanced budget for Chelsea Forest School for over half a century. This track record of exemplary management is a testament to our community's commitment and is expected to continue into the future.

The executive board may be reached at

We'd like to thank our amazing parent, grandparent and community volunteers for always going above and beyond for our little school.

2023-2024 Board of Directors

Co-Presidents: Ryan Katz-Rosene & Jessica Lafleur
Vice President (Operations): Joanna James
Vice President (Staffing): Sophine Johnsson

Secretary: Pat Curry
Treasurer: Aditi Krishna
Administrator: Rebecca Overall
Director of Communications: Matt Shamess
Director of Fundraising: Chloe Vendette
Director of Membership & Volunteers: Krysta Matthews & Nancy Godsoe
Director of Charitable Initiatives: Jessica Lesperance
Teaching Director: Michelle Hegge

Website photography  by Jessica Hodgson (with some photos by the CFS teachers!)

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