Executive Board

Chelsea Forest School is managed by a group of volunteer parents and by teaching staff. This committee of ten includes a president, vice president, treasurer, secretary, registrar, fundraising coordinator, communications coordinator, newsletter editor, and a French liaison.

Along with the Teaching Director, this committee holds monthly meetings, forms sub-committees as required and handles all business issues concerning the operation of the school.

Through the successful management of the business operations past executive committees have balanced the budget of Chelsea Forest School for over 50 years and will continue to sustain Chelsea Forest School into the future.

The executive board may be reached at executiveboard@chelseacoop.ca

2016-2017 Executive Board Committee

President: Tyler Parrott
Vice President: Sherida McKean
Registrar: Aaron Jackson
Communications & Webmaster: Alicia Villalobos
Blog & Newsletter: Christine Mattimoe
Fundraising Chair: Vanessa Meftahi
Bids4Kids Chair: John Gomes
Secretary: Amanda Degrace
Treasurer: Lars Roberts
French Liaison: Catherine Ménard

2015-2016 Executive Board Committee

President: Amanda Degrace
Vice President: Aaran Jackson
Registrar: Lindsay Pritchard
Communications & Webmaster: Tyler Parrott
Blog & Newsletter: VACANT
Fundraising Chair: Roksana Cylupa
Bids4Kids Chair: Jen Ruddy
Secretary: Nancy Gillan
Treasurer: Laurence Finet
French Liaison: Noémi Bergeron