Duty Parent Guide

All of our preschool classes require a “duty day” parent.  This is roughly a once a month commitment but will vary depending on the class.  No duty days are required for the School age Program.


  • Ask what activities are planned and how you can help
  • As the children arrive, learn their names. Let them decide what they want to do and encourage them to do as much as they can on their own.
  • The teacher(s) should handle difficult situations but you should intervene if you perceive a dangerous situation.
  • During “tidy-up time”, encourage children to put things away on their own.
  • Help with handwashing after bathroom routine or read stories to waiting children- as designated by the teachers. 
  • If snack and/or lunch was inside please disinfect light switches and door knobs, and sweep snack area after the children are done eating. 

Your Role

  • Let the children lead the play.
  • Observe what is happening, and the learning that is happening.
  • Ask open ended questions and enjoy the discoveries and experiences of the day!
  • Don’t forget: You are a very important third pair of eyes and ears!

Your Child

It is a very special day for your child when it is your turn to help out at school. Not only do you have special ‘duties’, he/she also has duties that day. He/she may behave quite differently when you are there, but do not let this influence your day. Be reassured that it is normal for a child to whine, cling, burst into tears or be more aggressive when her/his mother, father or guardian is around. Be enthusiastic and relaxed, and let him/her know why you are there. It is a good idea to discuss with your child ahead of time that you are at school to help the teachers and all the children.

We are a nut free, peanut free school. At no time should items containing nuts of any kind be brought into the school. There may be other allergies and/or restrictions depending on the children enrolled each year. You will be informed of this at the Orientation meeting in August and by email.  Thank you for helping us keep a safe environment for all.

Younger siblings

It may be easier for your child, yourself and the routine of the class if you do not bring your other children to school, particularly younger ones. Your child will likely enjoy the idea that you are doing something special with him/her and his/her peer group. However, the decision is left to you to determine what best suits your needs. Please remember that we count on your full participation in supervising the children. If your younger child is unable to keep up with the group or will make it difficult for you to supervise the forest school children closely, it would be best if you could find alternate arrangements.


The monthly duty roster will be emailed to all families a month or more in advance. This calendar will also have information about special events etc.  Please make a note of your day and any special days as indicated on the calendar.


Parent duty days are an important and essential responsibility. Please ensure that you are aware of your scheduled day as indicated on the monthly calendar. It is your responsibility to find a replacement should you be unable to attend as scheduled. Any adult that is important in your child’s life may act as a “duty parent”. If you are unable to find a replacement parent, please inform the teachers as early as possible of the potential problem.

 Please note that during the Covid-19 Pandemic of 2020 we request that if at all possible duty parents be restricted to parents of the child only.