• Boots that are waterproof and WARM. The all season boots such as Bogs* (they are rated to -30)

    Bogs or similar types of boots works well for most children.

    work well for many children. That way the same boot can be worn from October through MayHowever, less active children find that they are not warm enough on our coldest winter


  • Rubber boots should be big enough to permit a pair of wool socks to be worn inside; allowing ‘wiggle room” also creates ‘dead-air space’ which assists in insulating the foot. Socks should assist in wicking moisture away from the skin,  Cotton tends to sweat easily and does not do a great job at wicking moisture away from the skin!!


Although specific stores/brands have been mentioned l there is no requirement to purchase from these retailers. These are just example of the quality and/or type of equipment we require. Second hand stores often have amazing deals on outgrown quality rain gear and boots.