What, exactly, are the kids learning at Forest School?

child led learning

Curiosity and alternative learning at Chelsea Forest School

I remember a couple years back when I was new to Chelsea Forest School and my oldest son was attending the mixed class. After I watched the kids interact on the playground  I started to wonder:

What exactly are the kids learning at Forest School? It looks like all they do is play in the playground (and forest) the entire time? When are they going to go to the BIG forest and learn about nature? What exactly IS the ‘lesson plan’ for the day?

I realized that I only had a small picture of what was going on at Forest School. To get the BIG picture, I had to look a bit deeper: talk to the teachers, re-read the philosophy of Forest Schools in the Parent Handbook (given to student parents) and on the website, read the session objectives and observations posted above the mail pockets downstairs and BE PATIENT for the results.

– Submitted by a Chelsea Forest School parent.

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