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“The woods are alive with the sound of animals….”

Yesterday at the Chelsea Forest School Family Drop-in, we encountered so many creatures we normally do not see on our weekly forest walks.  Our first surprise was to see a beaver in plain view in daytime!  He (or she) was lazily resting on the bank of the engorged stream for the entire morning!  His dam […]

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Chelsea Forest School

Adult Forest School

Join us on March 9th as Chelsea Forest School offers an evening in the forest for adults. Why should the children be the only ones that benefit from Forest School? What to Expect • Learning – Expect to smile and learn. We’re not sure exactly what’s on the agenda because each class develops based on the interests […]

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Learner Led Learning

Tales from the Forest

Each week, Chelsea Forest School draws students from places like Ottawa, Gatineau, Aylmer, Hull and further afield. Each program and class are different because students lead the learning – supported by qualified teachers. Last week saw students from three to ten years old learn math, physics, language and social skills in outdoor “forest” settings. Below […]

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Outdoor Learning

Forest School PD Day

  As our recent Chelsea Forest School PD Day program started, nervous excitement filled the air as new Forest School children wondered what was in store… The day started, as always, with a quick circle meeting to suggest some outdoor options where play and learning are synonymous. At Forest School students lead the learning and […]

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Winter Learning

  A few weeks ago, we introduced snowshoes to our young students at Chelsea Forest School. Our preschoolers enjoy using these to explore the forest and learn new skills about how to move, play and help each other. We learn about animal tracks and habitats while exploring winter animals with a book to support their […]

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Cold weather? It’s a learning opportunity

Chelsea Forest School kids know how to have fun in all kinds of weather! Low winter temperatures are an excellent forest school learning opportunity. Kids learn about dressing properly, the necessity to keep moving to generate body heat, and how to stay out of the wind. Teachers at Chelsea Forest School are trained to watch and […]

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Risky outdoor play positively impacts children’s health: UBC study

New research from UBC and the Child & Family Research Institute at BC Children’s Hospital shows that risky outdoor play is not only good for children’s health but also encourages creativity, social skills and resilience. The findings, published in the International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health, found that children who participated in physical […]

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